Gene regulator profiling in live cells for drug development

Talus Bio is revolutionizing drug development for gene regulators by enabling the ability to study gene regulatory proteins (GRPs) in a living cell environment.  


About Talus  

Talus Bio is a venture-backed early-stage biotechnology startup company working on drug development for gene regulators.


Talus spun out of two leading institutions in September 2020; the University of Washington and Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences. 


We are building a data-enabled drug development platform that will focus primarily on small-molecule drug development in oncology.

Our Science

Talus’ objective is to provide the first functional proteomics platform, named MARMOT, for drug discovery focused on studying full-length GRPs in their natural, unmodified cellular environment.


Use of the MARMOT platform will lead to a greater understanding of the role of GRPs in various diseases, and will facilitate the development of therapeutics against these disease-causing GRPs.


Matrix-Matched Calibration Curves for Assessing Analytical Figures of Merit in Quantitative Proteomics

February 10th 2021


Highly Parallel Quantification and Compartment Localization of Transcription Factors and Nuclear Proteins

February 25th 2021



Will Fondrie

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September 6th 2021


Lindsay Pino discusses the

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April 21st 2021


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September 26th 2021


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June 8th 2021


Lindsay Pino discusses their entrepreneurial journey with Sci Spot's CEO, Guru Singh.

January 23rd 2022

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